Homeworks Video | About
Homeworks is a small, family-owned company with over 10 years experience filming school events, weddings, sporting events, and recitals. With great attention to detail, we strive to make your experience positive and stress free, never forgetting that YOU are supposed to be having FUN!

Many people who would like to have a videotaped record of the important events in their lives, are neither equipped nor skilled in how to do so. Even all the new video-processing features of Windows and OSX come with a fairly complex learning curve which many people would prefer to avoid.

But even when well equipped, the average home videographer can never record the event while enjoying or participating in the activities, at the same time. So let us do the work... so you and your guests can have fun!

We will contract with the customer to be the sole-source video production service, providing coverage of their event, offering minimal impact on their proceedings, guaranteed program quality, and fast turnaround on delivery.

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